Our Children are First!


High quality early childhood education for your child in a safe, supportive, and loving environment.

Cutting edge, research based curriculum

Dedicated and highly qualified teachers using innovative teaching methods

Nutritious meals prepared onsite

Enrichment activities including Gymnastics, Dance, Music, Field Trips, Tae Kwon Do

Instilling love into our children through the Gospel of Jesus

…To build and develop successful and positively contributing members of society.

Established in 1992

We’ve loved serving our community for over 28 years! There’s arguably nothing more important that the formative early years of your child, as they develop habits and skills that will last them a lifetime.  With love and skilled guidance, we allow our children to grow through exploration and discover their unique strengths and talents.  Our children become confident in who they are and the value they contribute to the world around them.  Many of our children have gone on to 4-year colleges and graduate schools, living and leading successful lives. We continue to re-evaluate, improve upon, and implement new innovative ways of teaching in order to provide your child with the best education possible for building solid foundations from which to grow upon. Our extensive experience in childcare and education, with our solid reputation in our community brings us to be one of the first choice schools in our communities.