Our precious children and parents love us! ┬áHere is what just a few of them had to say about TLC Learning Center…


“When the time came to enroll my son in preschool, it was one of the hardest things to chose, not knowing if my son was going to get the education he deserved. But since the first day of orientation, I knew I had chosen a great school for my son. The teachers are great, friendly and work with each child on the subjects they need to work on. A very special thanks!”

– Sandra C. on Yelp


“Both of my daughters are attending this school. It’s a great school. They love every moment of it. The kids have Bible verse contests, field trips to interesting places, etc. I can tell my daughters learn a lot from here. My older one always talks about her friends and teachers. My younger one would sing songs she learns from school. The director, Ms. Mary, is always available to talk to parents. All the teachers are wonderful. It’s sad that my older daughter is graduating from this school soon; luckily my younger one will be here for another 2-3 years. This is a great school with great teachers. If you’re looking for a preschool for your kids, you definitely need to check this one out.”

– GG G. on Yelp


“My kid has been at TLC for a year and she has learned so much!!! The teachers and the principal are caring, very hardworking, and well-qualified. I get a daily report of my kid’s progress, the food served is excellent, and they have field trips and extra activities to further kids’ learning. I heard that at least 3 of the kids (who finished TLC in June of this year) went on to the public schools got promoted to 1st grade because they’ve already mastered what the public school teaches in kindergarten. They also don’t just focus on academic but also make sure the social skill and reasoning skill are taught.”

– George W. on Yelp


“As a parent and former teacher, I did a lot of research on what’s the best for my child…Once my older daughter started at TLC, I could see a vast improvement in her behavior and her academics…She started at TLC in the preschool class and has won many awards and certificates from her elementary school. After having such a wonderful experience with my older daughter, of course I signed my younger daughter up as soon as they would take her. I was concerned at first since she wasn’t potty-trained and didn’t speak much English but the the teachers at TLC worked with her like she was their own child, helped potty train her, and taught her English in a very short period of time. She has developed into a wonderful, high-spirited individual. I highly recommend this preschool for the moms and dads out there who are not sure if they can trust a place to take great care of their children. The school has provided assurance for me to work and not worry about whether my girls are being well taken care of and well fed. The teachers at TLC have the most patience and understanding for each individual child that I have not yet experienced anywhere else. I’ve tried private babysitting and 2 other daycares but I must admit that TLC has and will always be my favorite place to send my girls. They love it there too! TLC is part of the LAUP program, which not only saves you money, but also guarantees that your child’s education is being monitored by well-trained educators. I assure you, once you send your child to TLC, you can never send them anywhere else. I just wish they would keep my girls till they graduate from high school. Only if…”

– Julie K. on Yelp


“Great school! Feels very much like a family environment. The teachers are great and very involved in our child’s development. Our son loves it there and is happy to attend each day. The staff/teachers care about the whole family, not just the child attending TLC. Couldn’t be happier and feel better about where our 3-year-old baby is!”

– Erin on Yahoo!


“It was really hard for me to feel okay leaving my son at any preschool because he’s extremely shy and really attached to me, and I felt like that was going to be a big problem. Even though it took him a little while to get used to it, he eventually made friends. Since he’s been here, he’s learned a lot, and it amazes me. These teachers give each child the individual attention they need, and that really brings me peace of mind. Now my son wants to go to school every day! And best of all, he really loves his teachers, and I feel these teachers genuinely love him back as well.”

– Hazel P, on Yelp