A Message from the Directors

Greetings to all prospective and current parents and family members!  We are glad that you stopped by to learn more about our school, and would like to extend to you a warm welcome. Through this website, we wish to show you the wealth of opportunities that our school has to offer your child, and the many ways your child can grow through our safe, fun, and loving environment.

TLC Learning Center serves to nurture the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of our children. We provide opportunities for our children to grow and develop at their own level and pace, and we aim to instill a sense of self-confidence in them.

Furthermore, TLC Learning Center is to share the wonderful gospel to our children and offer them the warm love of Jesus. We do this through various educational and entertaining ways, such as weekly Bible stories and memory verse contests.

TLC Learning Center is a diverse place where children of all different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures come together. TLC Learning Center has an exceptional academic program that is made possible through our curriculum, teaching aids, technology, and our teachers.

We are committed to excellence in all areas. We have university educated and trained staff that have experience in child care and child education.

Early childhood education is one of the greatest investments you can make for your child. It lays down the first stepping stone to success. We hope that you will consider making a preschool education a priority for your child through our school. Feel free to explore our website, and if you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sharing the love of Christ,

Blanca Aponte
Director, Norwalk Location

Christine Jung
Director, Garden Grove Location