A Message from the Directors

Welcome to TLC!  We’re so glad that you stopped by to learn about our school. Through our website, we wish to show you the wealth of opportunities that our school has to offer your child, and the many ways your child can grow through our safe, fun, and loving environment.  But don’t forget that a website can only show so much, and a human connection is way better!  So we invite you to give us a call to schedule a school tour, where you can see firsthand what we are all about!

TLC Learning Center serves to nurture the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of our children. We provide opportunities for our children to grow and develop at their own level and pace, and we aim to instill a sense of self-confidence in them.  We do all this with the knowledge that God has created each person uniquely with their gifts and talents.  We seek to help our children discover what those may be, so that we can nurture them to their created potential!

TLC Learning Center is a diverse place where children of all different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures come together, learn about each other, and learn to work together by finding our place in the community we live in.

Early childhood education is one of the greatest investments you can make for your child. It lays down the first stepping stone to success. If you’re on this webpage reading this, you already know this and are eager to find the perfect fit. Again, we invite you to come visit us at our school and check out what we’re all about! Don’t be shy, and bring your precious child along with you.

Warmly from the Directors’ office,

Blanca Aponte
Director, Norwalk Location

Christine Jung
Director, Garden Grove Location